Monday, March 14, 2016

Communion with God and Men

Amos 3:3
“Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”

For almost two weeks, my sister, Caitlyn, and I have been waking up early in the morning to go running together, and work out. In just a few weeks, IGNITE class 10 will be hiking for thirteen hours up Volcano Agua. Initially, this was mine and Caitlyn’s motivation to run, but I can tell you right now that if we were never going to hike Agua, I would still get up every morning, Monday-Saturday, to run with Caitlyn. I truly hate running, or at least I did a few weeks ago, but this discipline has united me with Cait, as well as with the Lord. The first half of my running time is dedicated to prayer for anything and everything, but during the second half, I try my hardest to shut my mind down and just listen for the voice of the Lord. I look up at the sky, and stare at the sunrise if only for a few moments, praying that God would never cease to take my breath away. It has created such sweet communion with the Lord, and I have seen his faithfulness to me, and heard his voice, in ways that I had never experienced before. I feel like I truly am running this race, hand in hand with the Lord. The cherry on top? Caitlyn is experiencing the exact same thing, and in running together, we are growing stronger. Just the other morning, God spoke to us separately about the exact same thing we had prayed for that morning. It blew my mind, but it really shouldn’t. That is simply who my God is. He is faithful, and when two people are running to his arms, they are bound to meet in a holy collision. Of course there are mornings, that I just don’t feel like getting up to run. Alright fine, every morning I battle waking up or skipping out on exercise, but then I remember that I made a covenant to my sister, and I am not going to let her run alone. Two are better than one. Two means accountability, honesty, vulnerability; and two people seeking Jesus will find him in two different, mind blowing ways. We need each other, and I can’t hep but believe that God handpicked all twenty one of us, because we needed each other at this exact moment of our lives. There have been several times where one of you have spoken to me, or bared your heart before me, and it was as if God was talking right to me. Yet again, another display of God’s steadfast faithfulness. Jesus, thank you for calling me one of your own, and for longing to commune with me. Thank you for bringing twenty strangers into my life, and making them my family. May we come to you, running with all persistence and faith, in search of you. 

Application: Tomorrow morning, Caitlyn and I are going to go outside five minutes early and sing a worship song before we start running, in order to set our mind on the Lord.

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